Project History

Repton School

The Dreamlands School, was founded in 2003 by Pastor James Dugger and his wife Agartha Amponsah with a view to support the orphans and disadvantaged children located in the Akumadan community. Starting from the humble dwellings of this Church garden, the school has evolved to support over 3000 students, with a current pupil population of over 600. With a wide ranging academic timetable, supporting activities and energetic, inspirational staff, Dreamlands has developed into one of the most prominent schools in the district. 

Pastor James and James Jr.
Pastor James and James Jr.

The best way to summarise the project is through the words of Pastor James.

"The increasing number of orphans, needy and less-fortunate children became a matter of grave concern and touched our hearts so much that since the year 2000 we conceived the idea of establishing a school. We then began soliciting assistance to start this noble course which never came until the year 2003 when we began the school on our own with 15 children made up of 5 orphans and 10 needy ones.

I began the school in a church building hoping to later save or raise some money to acquire some plots of land on which I would put up a classroom block to properly and conveniently house the children, as the numbers grew.

In 2006 we moved the school from the church building to a temporary five-classroom wooden structure."

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What have we achieved so far?

In 2010 Pass It On Africa raised £25,677 for the Dreamlands project. This paid for the entire building work of the Infant school. 

In 2011 Pass It On Africa raised a further £5,660 which has provided essential reading books and also paid for the completion of the school toilet block build. In the same year, Pass It On Africa partnered Dreamlands with Repton School, in Derbyshire. 

Thanks to the amazing fundraising of the Repton school we have been able to send £13,000 for the foundations of the adjacent Junior High School to be laid and materials to be purchased. Repton have raise a further £13,000 which will pay for phase 2 of the Junior High School building.

We provided a further £9,000 in March 2013 to complete the school building.

In August 2014 the Junior High School was opened for the academic year 2014/15 and is now fully operational. Thanks for the Dreamlands-Repton School partnership, this Junior High School was now opened with re-inforced foundations making it available for a conversion into a two-story structure. 

The original Dreamlands school, 2008
The new Dreamlands school, 2010
The new Dreamlands toilet block, April 2012
Blocks being cut for the new Junior school, May 2012


Work is currently being done to build the foundations of the toilet blocks that are so desperately needed.


We are delighted to report that Pass It On Africa has also made a big dent into the £20,000 needed to build the Junior School, thanks to the remarkable efforts made by our supporters at The Repton School. (A full report on Repton's efforts will come next month.)

Aims for the future

We were overwhelmed with the level of progress that has been made at the school with relatively small amounts of money. However, there is still much to be done. In accordance with the original Development plan, Pass It On Africa will be focusing future efforts on:

- Completing the bore hole project. NOW COMPLETE

- Providing reading books for the school library. NOW COMPLETE

- Fund the build of a multi-purpose centre which will provide valuable income through private hire.

- Provide temporary funding to support teachers wages. NOW COMPLETE

- Helping the school obtain self sufficiency by December 2014. ON TARGET.

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