About Us

Pass It On Africa (formerly Passing It On) is a Brighton-based charity that works tirelessly to build schools and support education in some of the poorest parts of Africa. We achieve this through our fund-raising events in the UK, including our flagship superhero-themed races, the HEROES RUN.

The charity was born in September 2004 when two Brightonians (who should have been focusing more of their attentions on getting grown up jobs, pensions and wives) thought it would be much more fun to get dressed up as superheroes, run around Dublin and raise money for Kenyan children.

Originally the plan was just to run the Dublin marathon and raise the amount needed (just over £1,000) to buy 155 pairs of shoes for all the children at a school in Kenya's capital, Nairobi.

13 years on and buying shoes has evolved into building and supporting schools in four African countries, awarding a total of just under £350,000 to 6 projects in Kenya, Ghana, The Gambia and Uganda respectively.

After 13 years of dedicated work from a handful of volutneers the charity closed down in 2017. With growing commitments in our personal and professional lives and having just reached our most recent fundraising targets for our latest projects in Uganda and Kenya respectively we feel this is the right time for us all to call it a day.

Pass It On Africa was a registered charity in the UK and Wales, Registered charity number 1112250.

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